Genomes and Sequences:
Phytozome: plant genomes and sequences supported by JGI
Physcomitrella eFP Browser: Physcomitrella transcriptomics data
EnsemblPlants: plant genomes and sequences supported by EMBL-EBL
PEATmoss: an expression atlas for bryophyte gene expression data
PHYSCObase: a database for Physcomitrella sequences and protocols
Uniprot: protein sequences and annotations
PDB: protein structure data bank

Molecular Tools and Resources:
Conserved Domain Search: an NCBI tool for conserved domain search
SMART: a simple modular architecture research tool
InterPro: a searchable database for protein family analysis based on domain architectures and important sites
Localization Prediction Tools 1: tools for predicting the subcellular localization of a protein
Localization Prediction Tools 2: tools for predicting the subcellular localization of a protein
Post-Translational Modification Prediction Tools: tools for predicting post-translational modifications of a protein
MEGA: a tool for molecular evolutionary genetics analysis
Jalview: a tool for sequence alignment and visualization
iTOL: an online tool for rendering phylogenetic trees
Fiji: a tool for image processing and analysis
Chimera: a tool for protein structure visualization
Addgene: a non-profit plasmid repository
IDT Codon Optimization: a codon optimization tool (registration and log-in required)
FASTA Converter: an online tool for converting files into the fasta format and vice versa
Chemical Calculator: an online chemical calculator
Silent Mutator: an online tool for generating synonymous mutations to introduce restriction sites

iMOSS: the international molecular moss science society
TAIR: the Arabidopsis information resource database
MarpolBase: the genome database for Marchantia polymorpha